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Certificate Program in Pharmaceutical Research & Development

Advance Your Career in Pharma R&D

certThe Baruch S. Blumberg Institute has been making breakthroughs in drug discovery and development for nearly 20 years. Several of our scientists have successfully translated their scientific discoveries into FDA-approved drugs, which is a rare and remarkable feat. The institute is unique as it offers a conducive environment with a combination of academics and biotechnology industries. It manages the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center (PABC), which is home to nearly 50 biotechnology companies and academic units conducting cutting-edge research in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of life-threatening human diseases. The PABC's total membership is now nearly 90 organizations.

Certificate Program in Pharmaceutical Research & Development

The Drug Product Development Certificate program is a competitive graduate program with limited number of seats. The curriculum offers a well-rounded foundation of topics fundamental to the drug discovery and development processes. The classes are taught by faculty members and invited scientists from the pharma/biotech industry, so students learn fundamental science as well as the practical knowledge of the processes in drug discovery and development. The program is intended for college graduates, young scientists and entrepreneurs aspiring to advance their careers in the pharma/biotech industries. The institute's collaborative environment allows students to experience academic scientific and pharmaceutical research. Additionally, the curriculum includes lectures on regulatory affairs, intellectual property development and strategies for early seed money financing. The course is offered conveniently in evening hours for working professionals and it is only once a week for 12 weeks. The condensed time frame serves students who are working and commit only to evening hour classes.  

Why get diploma certification in pharmaceutical R&D sciences?

  • Prepare yourself for career advancement in pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies
  • Build a solid foundation in pharmaceutical science and related areas such as drug discovery, translational sciences, safety and toxicology studies, manufacturing processes and clinical trials through the broad-based curriculum.
  • Learn from successful entrepreneurs and gain ‘Bench to Market’ perspectives and what it takes to translate scientific discoveries to FDA approval.
  • Discover how medications work and how our body responds to them.
  • Fight against the cancer, pandemic and other diseases to improve lives through safe and effective medications.

Classes & Curriculum

The program is composed of 12 classes of two hours each to complete the Certificate Program. Students will be assigned an advisor to specialize a path specific to the career interest of each student.

 Prerequisite for this certificate program is a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences.

  • Introduction to pharmaceutical drug discovery and development processes
  • Biochemical pathways and human diseases
  • Identification of a translatable concept
  • Validation of a product concept in animal studies
  • Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) and druggability
  • Safety and Toxicology
  • Phases of clinical development
  • Regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical development and ethics in R&D
  • Financial planning
  • Guest lecture (Case study Bench to Market)
  • Guest lecture (Case study Repurposing of drugs to improve clinical benefit)
  • Guest lecture (Case study Nanomedicine)

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Course Director: Kunwar Shailubhai, PhD, MBA - Bio

  •  Tuition Fee: $2,500
    • Apply now and receive a 10% discount

How to apply

  • Prospective students need to submit a current resume' with cover letter.
  • Also required is a 1/2-page essay on why the individual is applying to the program.
  • Applications are due by April 15, 2023.
  • The program will begin in June 2023.

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Optional Internship

Optional internship opportunities may be available to interested students providing employment in laboratories of biotechnology companies located in the PABC during enrollment in the certificate program. Interested students are required to take Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training, which is also offered at the center.