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Blumberg Alumni Association

Individuals who have participated in any of the education and internship programs offered by the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute and the Hepatitis B Foundation are invited to join the Blumberg Alumni Association.

The mission of the Blumberg Alumni Association is to promote the presence, empowerment, and success of Hepatitis B Foundation and Blumberg Institute students, interns and alumni by providing educational, professional and social opportunities, while creating lifelong connections to the Hepatitis B Foundation and Blumberg Institute and to each other.

Goals of the BAA:

  • Prepare biotechnology and public health professionals to become
    leaders in their field.
  • Support our national model for academic entrepreneurship and
    medical and public health research education focused on hepatitis B
    and liver cancer.
  • Hold regular events to celebrate the next cohort of graduates and
    provide networking opportunities.
  • Stay connected with regular Blumberg Alumni surveys and
    newsletters, online alumni group discussions, and closed Facebook and Linkedin groups.

If you are a former student, intern or alumni of our organization and wish to participate, please contact alumni@bblumberg.org