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The Baruch S. Blumberg Institute is the nation’s leading translational research organization dedicated to finding a cure for hepatitis B and liver cancer in our lifetime.

Our Life-Saving Liver Disease Research Depends on People Like You

The Baruch S. Blumberg Institute is the nation’s leading non-profit translational research organization dedicated to finding a cure for HBV and liver cancer in our lifetime. We find new solutions through research programs, which include drug research, biomarker discovery, and other forms of biotechnology. With our goal being cures for diseases such as chronic hepatitis, liver disease, and liver cancer, we do all of our research in environments that are conducive to interaction, collaboration, and focus.

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Research Highlights

NEWS STORY OF THE WEEK:  Dr. Block testifies before Pa.  House committee on COVID-19

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What Happened to the Cure for Hepatitis B? Commentary by our President and Colleagues.

Just 10 years ago, interest in finding a cure for hepatitis B virus (HBV) spiked. Western interest in Asia, where HBV is an enormous health problem, and the growing prosperity in China, fueled global excitement and possibility.

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Two Powerful Editorials Published by the Hepatitis B Foundation

We have published two new editorials in honor of Hepatitis Awareness Month (May). 

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Arbutus Announces Single-Dose Week 12 Data in Chronic Hepatitis B Subjects 

Arbutus Biopharma Corporation (Nasdaq: ABUS), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a cure for people with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, today reports positive follow-up data from a Phase 1a/1b clinical trial.

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New! Learn About the Blumberg Institute

The Baruch S. Blumberg Institute is an independent nonprofit research institute, established in 2003 by the Hepatitis B. Foundation to advance its research mission. Watch this brief overview video of what the Blumberg Institute is about.

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COVID-19 R&D Makes Newspaper's Front Page

Research and development associated with COVID-19 by Blumberg Institute scientists and researchers with companies at the Pa. Biotechnology Center were the focus of front-page stories in the Intelligencer and Courier-Times on April 27.

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Leading the Way to a Cure

Over the past year, Blumberg scientists have seen success with compounds moving into clinical trials as well as with basic science discovery. We expect more of our discoveries, and discoveries that we inspire, to reach human trials soon.

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A Research Agenda for Curing Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

A proposed scientific pathway that we believe will lead to the development of curative therapies for chronic HBV infection and its associated diseases.

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Can HIV-Blocking Drugs Enhance Therapy for Breast Cancer?

Research by the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute’s PCRMRC center suggests that the use of HIV drugs can allow for lower doses of chemotherapy in treating breast cancer, reducing side effects...

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Preventing the Spread of HBV

The hepatitis virus has been affecting various parts of the world, with the worst of it being in Africa and areas of Southeast Asia, as well as China, Japan, and India. The United States has felt the effects of liver disease as well, especially with the rise of the opioid crisis. Sharing needles is one of the most common ways that liver disease is spread, and with opioid abuse on the rise in states from California to Pennsylvania, hepatitis B and liver cancer cases are becoming more and more frequent.

The goal of the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute is to prevent hepatitis B from spreading as a result of the opioid crisis and other common causes. We also aim to find ways to help those who are living with liver disease anywhere from California to Japan to India with better methods of treatment. Our non-profit research center extends our solutions to anyone battling Hep B through living science.


The Hepatitis B Foundation

The Baruch S. Blumberg Institute is proudly associated with the Hep B Foundation, a national non-profit organization that has been committed to researching and finding a cure for viral hepatitis for over two decades. Through beginnings as a local organization based out of New Hope, PA, the foundation has grown into a movement with a global reach. From the United States to China and countries in Southeast Asia, the Hep B Foundation has made its presence known and has put together a variety of international programs focused on raising awareness of liver disease.

You can learn more about the Hep B Foundation here.


Donate to cure Hep B.

The Baruch S. Blumberg Institute is making breakthroughs every day to combat chronic hepatitis, but we can’t do it alone. As a non-profit organization, we rely almost exclusively on funding and donations to power our hepatitis virus research, and those donations come from people like you. When you donate to cure Hep B, you are allowing our researchers to have more access to the resources and technologies that make finding a cure possible.

We humbly encourage you to consider making a donation to the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute. We are a non-profit organization, which means every cent of your donation is going toward medical research for discovering new ways to combat liver disease. With your help, we can help put an end to liver cancer and hepatitis B once and for all.

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Areas of Focus

  • focus5

    Drug Discovery & Medicinal Chemistry

    Discovering new medicines for hepatitis B, liver cancer, and other forms of viral hepatitis through integrated chemical and biological approaches. Learn more.

  • focus2

    Biomarker Discovery

    Discovering biomarkers for liver diseases and early, non-invasive diagnosis of liver cancers. Learn more.

  • focus3

    Viral Pathogenesis

    Exploring the mechanism of hepatitis B virus infection and identifying molecular targets for curative therapeutics.

  • focus4

    PCRMRC Research Center

    Translating discoveries in cancer, with a focus on the role of cell and tissue engineering,  and metabolism governing these processes. Learn more.

  • public health

    Public Health

    Decreasing the burden of disease and death from hepatitis B and liver cancer by increasing awareness, testing, and linkage, to cure, prevent, and control these life-threatening liver diseases.Learn more.

  • focus6

    Academic Programs

    Exceptional educational opportunities that combine rigorous academic learning, practical experience, and the use of advanced technologies, for students at every level. Learn more.