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Online Research Seminars 2020

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Aug. 13  - 9 a.m.

thumbnail image002V. Narry Kim, M.S., D.Phil, Professor, Seoul National University

"Viral hijacking of host functions to protect viral RNA"

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Dr. Kim is University Distinguished Professor at Seoul National University and is founding director of RNA Research Center at Institute for Basic Science in South Korea. She is recognized for contributions to the understanding of microRNA biogenesis and RNA modification. Dr. Kim is a recipient of L’Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science (2008), the Ho-Am Prize in medicine (2009) and National Honor Scientist (2010). She was elected as a Member of Korean Academy of Science and Technology, the Foreign Associates of National Academy of Science and the European Molecular Biology Organization.


Sept. 10 

Rudolf Beran, Ph.D., Gilead Sciences

“Characterizing the interplay between hepatitis B virus X protein and Smc5/6."

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Oct. 1 

Nicholas van Buuren, Ph.D., Gilead Sciences

"Integrated HBV DNA: Investigation of the Architecture and Potential Clinical Implications."

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June 4  Mala Maini, M.D., University College, London

"Immunobiology of Chronic Hepatitis B"  

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June 18  Scott L. Friedman, M.D., Icahn School of Medicine, N.Y.C.

"Mechanisms of Fibrosis Development in NAFLD and Therapeutic Strategies"

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June 30 Marion Peters, M.D., University of California, San Francisco

Bruce Witte Distinguished Lecture, "Precision Medicine for Chronic Hepatitis B"

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July 16 Andrew Vaillant, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Replicor Inc.

"Understanding HBsAg and subviral particles: key players in chronic HBV infection and key targets in achieving functional cure of HBV."

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