Pennsylvania couple to receive Hepatitis B Foundation’s Community Leadership Award <<more here>>
Minghong Zhong, PhD Adjunct Professor of Translational Medicine, in Residence.

Minghong Zhong, PhD

Dr. Zhong has over 22 years of experience and leadership of drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry in both small and large companies including six years with Johnson and Johnson, specializing in medicinal and process chemistry of nucleic acids and small molecules. He obtained his doctoral degree in chemistry from Brigham Young University and did his postdoctoral research at Yale University in biochemistry and biophysics. As a major contributor, he has published 27 scientific papers and 10 distinct patent applications. He is the scientific founder of GeneLancet Biosciences and the inventor of LgRNA technology and STAR editing platform for precise CRISPR gene editing. Dr. Zhong's current studies are focused on development of LgRNA-directed precise CRISPR gene editors as cures for diseases of unmet needs.     

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