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About Nicholas van Buuren, PhD

Research Scientist, Clinical Virology, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Email: nick.vanbuuren@gilead.com


(2012) Doctor of Philosophy
Medical Microbiology and Immunology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

(2003) Bachelor of Science 

Biochemistry and Microbiology, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada


Research Experience 

Research Scientist, Gilead Sciences Inc.

Clinical Virology Department, Manager: Becket Feierbach 

Responsibilities: Biomarker analysis for HBV cure studies, liver biopsy analyses and correlation to peripheral biomarkers,development of targeted long-read sequencing strategies, and communication of results.

Research Associate, Stanford University 2017-2018 Department of Genetics, Supervisor: Dr. Karla Kirkegaard

Research Area: Mechanisms of mutation and selection that contribute to barriers of resistance during HCV antiviral therapy. Characterization and identification of potential Dominant Drug Targets.
Research Area: Characterization of the NeST lncRNA in murine T-cells. Expression patterns, genomics and immune regulation during viral infections.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University 2012-2017

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Supervisor: Dr. Karla Kirkegaard

PhD Graduate Student, University of Alberta 2005-2012

Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Supervisor: Dr. Michele Barry

Research Areas: Characterization of ectromelia virus encoded ankyrin/F-box proteins. Regulation of innate immune signalling, host ubiquitin-proteasome system and contributions to virulence.

Undergraduate Summer Student, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories 2002

Supervisor: Dr. Joanne Horn

Research Areas: Yucca Mountain Project. Investigation of microbiologically influenced corrosion on unique Nickel/Chromium alloy C22.

Published Papers

In preparation:

van Buuren, N., E. Lauron, D. Trujillo, A. Satpathy, O. De Goede, D. Constant, L. Massa, K. Lugo, J.A. Gomez, M. Brahic, D. Padua, D. Monack, H. Chang and K. Kirkegaard. In Preparation. Modulations of Infectious and Inflammatory Disease by NeST Long Noncoding RNA.

In press:

Ooi, Y.S.*, K. Majzoub*, R.A. Flynn*, M. Mata, J. Diep, J.K. Li, N. van Buuren, N. Rumachik, A.G. Johnson, A.S. Puschnik, C.D.Marceau, L. Mlera, J.M. Grabowski, K. Kirkegaard, M.E. Bloom, P. Sarnow, C.R. Bertozzi, and J.E. Carette. 2019. An RNA-centric dissection of host complexes controlling flavivirus infection. Nature Microbiology 4(9).

Abernathy, E., K. Majzoub, R. Mateo, N. van Buuren, J. Carette and K. Kirkegaard. 2018. Differential and convergent utilization of autophagy components by positive-strand RNA viruses. Plos Biology 17(1):e2006926.

van Buuren, N. and K. Kirkegaard. 2018. Detection and Differentiation of Multiple Viral RNAs Using Branched DNA FISH Coupled to Confocal Microscopy and Flow Cytometry. Bio-Protocol 8(20): e3058.

van Buuren, N., T. Tellingheusin, C. Richardson, and K. Kirkegaard. 2018. Transmission Genetics of Drug Resistant Hepatitis C Virus. eLife 7:e32579. **Selected for eLife Digest.

Kirkegaard, K., N. van Buuren and R. Mateo. 2016. My Cousin, My Enemy. Curr Opin Virol 20: 106-111. Review.

van Buuren, N., L. Fradette, J. Grebely, A. King, M. Krajden, S. MacParland, A. Marshall, S. Saead, J. Wilson, M.B. Klein, and S. Sagan. 2016. The 5th Canadian Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus- We’re not done yet: Remaining Challenges in Hepatitis C. Can J Gastroenterol and Hepatol: ID 7603526.

Neufeldt, C.J., Joyce M., van Buuren, N., Levin, A., Gale, M. Jr., Kirkegaard, K., Tyrell, D.L. and R. Wozniak (2016). The hepatitis C virus-induced membranous web and associated nuclear transport machinery limit access of pattern recognition receptors to viral replication sites. PLoS Pathogens 12(2):e1005428.

van Buuren, N., K. Burles, J. Schreiwer, N. Mehta, S. Parker, M. Buller and M. Barry. 2014. EVM005: an Ectromelia-Encoded Protein with Dual Roles in NF-κB Inhibition and Virulence. PLoS Pathogens, 10(8):e1004326.

 Burles, K., N. van Buuren and M. Barry. 2014. Ectromelia Virus Encodes a Family of Ankyrin/F-box Proteins that Regulate NF-κB. Virology, 468-70: 351-62.

Rintoul, J., J. Wang, D.B. Gammon, N. van Buuren, K. Garson, K. Jardine, M. Barry, D.H. Evans and J.C. Bell. 2011. A selectable and excisable marker system for the rapid creation of recombinant poxviruses. PLoS One, 6(9): e24643.

Barry, M., N. van Buuren, K. Burles, K. Mottet, Q. Wang and A. Teale. 2010. Poxvirus exploitation of the ubiquitin-proteasome system. Viruses, 2(10): 2356-2380. Review.

Mohamed, M. R., M. M. Rahman, J. S. Lanchbury, D. Shattuck, C. Neff, M. Dufford, N. van Buuren, K. Fagan, M. Barry, S. Smith, I. Damon, and G. McFadden. 2009. Proteomic screening of variola virus reveals a unique NF-κB inhibitor that is highly conserved among pathogenic orthopoxviruses. PNAS, 106:9045-50.

Teale, A., S. Campbell, N. van Buuren, W.C. Magee, K. Watmough, B. Couturier, R. Shipclark, and M. Barry. 2009. Orthopoxviruses require a functional ubiquitin-proteasome system for productive replication. J Virol 83:2099-108. **Selected as JVI Spotlight.

van Buuren, N., B. Couturier, Y. Xiong, and M. Barry. 2008. Ectromelia virus encodes a novel family of F-box proteins that interact with the SCF complex. J Virol 82:9917-27.

Wilton, B. A., S. Campbell, N. van Buuren, R. Garneau, M. Furukawa, Y. Xiong, and M. Barry. 2008. Ectromelia virus BTB/kelch proteins, EVM150 and EVM167, interact with cullin-3-based ubiquitin ligases. Virology 374:82-99. 


Invited presentations  

van Buuren, N., R. Ramirez, L. Gamelin, S. Xu, R. Muench, L. Li, H. Mo, and B. Feierbach. 2019. Combining Target Enrichment with Long Read Sequencing Reveals Comprehensive Architecture of HBV Integrations. International HBV Meeting. Melbourne, Australia.

van Buuren, N. and K. Kirkegaard. 2016. Molecular Mechanisms to Control Selection of Drug Resistant HCV. American Society for Virology 35th Annual Meeting. Blacksburg, VA.

van Buuren, N. and K. Kirkegaard. 2014. Using Codon Altered JFH1 to Observe and Quantify the Selection of Drug Resistance. 21st International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses. Banff, Alberta, Canada.

van Buuren, N. and K. Kirkegaard. 2014. Use of Codon Altered JFH1 To Quantify HCV Co-Infections. 3rd Canadian Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

van Buuren, N. and K. Kirkegaard. 2014. Detection of HCV vRNAs Using FlowRNA Technology. 2nd Annual Northern California Cytometry Group Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

van Buuren, N, K. Burles, and M. Barry. 2010. Ectromelia virus encoded ankyrin/F-box proteins inhibit IκBα degradation. American Society for Virology 29th Annual Meeting. Bozeman, Montana.

van Buuren, N, Y. Xiong, and M. Barry. 2009. A novel family of viral ankyrin/F-Box proteins interact with the SCF complex. Keystone Symposia: The many faces of Ubiquitin. Copper Mountain, Colorado]


(2016 - Present) Manuscript Reviewer, Virology, Elsevier Publishing Group

(2015 - 2016) Organizing and Abstract Review Committees, Canadian Symposium for HepC

(2014 - 2015) Elected Trainee Representative, NCRTP-HepC

(2014 - present) Movement Matters International, Committee Member and Secretary

(2013 - 2015) Task Force For Advancing The Culture of Laboratory Safety at Stanford University, Member

(2006 - 2007) MMI Academic Development Committee, Student Representative

(2007 - 2009) RAT Trap Seminar Series. Student run research rounds, Chair


Lectures/Teaching Assistantships

1. Micro142 Pathogenic Microbiology II, San Jose State University, Spring Term, 2017. Lecture Topic: Hepatitis C Virus. Instructor: Dr. Guiton.

2. Chem130 Biochemistry, San Jose State University, Fall Term, 2015. Lecture Topic: Influenza Virus. Instructor: Dr. Pollom.

3. IMIN 324 Basic Virology, University of Alberta, Fall Term, 2006.
Teaching Assistant. Instructors: Dr. Smiley, Dr. Powers, Dr. Barry, Dr. Kumar

4. MMI 351 Bacterial Pathogenesis, University of Alberta, Winter Term, 2008.

               Teaching Assistant. Instructor: Dr. Pepple

               Invited Lecture: Vibrio cholerae: The Cause of Cholera.



Level III National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Trampoline and Power Tumbling Coach

High Performance Team Coach Phoenix Gymnastics Center: 2005-2012
Selected as Alberta Provincial Team Coach: 2009-2011

Athlete Accomplishments: I have coached athletes that have been named Provincial, Western-Canadian, Canadian, and Indo-Pacific Champion.

Level III NCCP Theory of Coaching

Level II NCCP Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach

Provincial Level Judge, Trampoline and Power Tumbling

 Selected by Alberta Gymnastic Federation as Judge for Western Canadian Championships: 2006-2010

Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (Ski Instructor), Level I.

Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (Ski Racing), Level I

Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (Freestyle Moguls/Aerials/Half Pipe), Level I

 Vancouver Freestyle Ski Club Development Team Coach: 2004

 Jump to 2010 Aerial Ski Team Dryland Training Coach (Trampoline): 2004

Level I First Aid and CPR level ‘C’

Respect in Sport Training Program Run by the Alberta Gymnastics Federation.


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