Research Programs

Our scientists use a team, entrepreneurial approach to research, in which groups work together on common goals and projects, and usually in collaboration with scientists from around the world. Most importantly, our scientists are committed to moving as quickly as possible our discoveries from “bench to bedside” and into human use, to ultimately save lives.

There are now ongoing clinical trials for drugs and biomarkers we helped discover. These are huge milestones, since our hope is that these drugs will contribute centrally to the management and cure for hepatitis B. Our recent progress in drug discovery for hepatitis B, and early detection biomarkers for primary liver cancer, gives us even more reason to be optimistic.

Our areas of focus include:

  • New strategies to treat chronic hepatitis B
  • Early cancer detection biomarkers
  • Drug development for other viruses of public health concern.

In 2016, we established the Pennsylvania Cancer and Regenerative Medicine Research Center as a division of the Blumberg Institute, to focus on cancer therapeutics and biology programs.