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Two-Week Virtual Summer Enrichment Program for High School Students

In this hybrid, online program for high school students wishing to advance their scientific knowledge and laboratory skills, set for July 13-24, students will spend 10-20 hours per week for two weeks on a series of lessons, discussions and actual experiments involving the real science being conducted at the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute.

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Dr. John Kulp working with high school students in a Blumberg lab.

Students will receive their own laboratory instruments, such as pipettes, tips, plates and more, so they can perform experiments, in real time, in the safety of their own homes (actual biological materials will not be used). This fun, interactive experience will jump-start a student’s ability to accelerate her or his research once they enter a professional laboratory!

The entire virtual summer program will be curated, organized and run by faculty members of the Blumberg Institute, a world leader in hepatitis and virology research. The program will be led by Dr. John Kulp, Director of Academic Affairs.

A typical day will start with a live lecture explaining the principles for the day’s content, then viewing videos of the experiments. Then as an instructor in a Blumberg lab conducts an experiment, students will be able to do the same at home. In the afternoon, the students will real-world analyze the results and discuss the data live as a group with their instructors.

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Along with the summer program, the Blumberg Institute has offered an After School Research Program for high school students.

Each week, students will have an at-home practicum incorporating a video recording and assessment of her or his experimental technique. The practicum will help develop the students’ laboratory skills, improving reliability of the experiments. Students also will be provided with professional development lessons on branding one’s professional identify to be competitive in acquiring internships and in the job marketplace.

Some of the learning outcomes associated with the virtual programs:

  • Understand the types and structure of scientific literature;
  • Master both the science and the art of foundational laboratory skills (pipetting, tissue culture, bacterial culture, aseptic technique, western blotting, PCR and more;
  • Understand basic virology including viral pathogenesis, viral strategies for genome replication and expression, methods for the treatment and control of viral infections, and how to cultivate and assay viruses in the laboratory.

While this will be an online, at-home program, when the pandemic has eased and the state-imposed restrictions are lifted, students who participated in the program will be invited to come spend a day in a Blumberg lab.

The fee for the two-week program is $1,200. Scholarships are available.

To apply for the program, please send the following to The application deadline is June 24. 

  1. A current transcript.
  2. A short essay explaining your interest in science and "What Makes Science Interesting to Me.”

Questions? Please send a note to