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Five-Week Virtual Science Enrichment Programs for High School Students

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Two Sessions Available!

Session 1 beginning May 18 / Session 2 beginning June 22

CBP01 (Computational Biology Primer, Session 1) is an introductory computational biology course intended for high school students. CBP01 has grown out of our collective experience of working with students and research scientists on complex and interdisciplinary questions drawn from the realms of molecular biology, microbial ecology and plant sciences.

However, the research methods, concepts, and mindsets taught in this course are cross-cutting and foundational to scientific inquiry in any field. CBP01 will introduce students to the conceptual, experimental, and societal domains of computational biology. Students will be challenged to apply what they have learned and develop a functional understanding of computational biology from the gene- to protein-level.

The goals of CBP01 are two-fold. Firstly, we strive to teach students to adopt the portable problem-solving skills and critical, analytical mindset that are key to becoming a rigorous scientist.

Secondly, we aim to teach students to act with STEMpathy (STEM + empathy) and to contemplate the societal and ethical repercussions of their work and scientific progress in general.

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Tuition for this intensive, five-week program is $4,000. Full and partial scholarships are available.  

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To apply for the program, please send the following to

1. A current transcript.
2. A short essay explaining your interest in science and "What Makes Science Interesting to Me?"