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Five-Week Virtual Science Enrichment Programs for High School Students

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Two Sessions Available!

                              Dates TBA !

This virtual learning experience will focus on liver cancer and utilize a tumor suppressor gene as a model to interrogate human biology from a computational perspective. Weekly lectures and course content will be hosted on Harvard University's LabXchange platform. Students also will learn good lab notebook skills by adopting ELNs (electronic lab notebooks) through Benchling’s Cloud-Based Informatics Platform for Life Sciences. Students will create and execute a final project that applies the techniques and critical thinking skills developed throughout the course.

Week 1- Intro to computational biology & population genetics 

Week 2- Genomics, transcription & epigenetics 

Week 3- Translation, protein structure & cellular signaling 

Week 4- Machine learning & image analysis 

Week 5- Student-directed projects

Tuition for this intensive, five-week program is $4,000. Full and partial scholarships are available.  

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To apply for the program, please send the following to interns@hepb.org.

1. A current transcript.
2. A short essay explaining your interest in science and "What Makes Science Interesting to Me?"