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After School Research Program

In partnership with the Hepatitis B Foundation, we offer an after-school research opportunity for motivated high school students here in Bucks County who aspire to increase their knowledge of research, biotechnology and public health within the context of hepatitis B and liver cancer. Our high school after school program pairs students with mentors in the labs during the school year for a deep-dive research experience.

Students in our after-school program gain invaluable experience under the mentorship of world-class scientists. They learn proper lab techniques, gain insight into biological research, and become integral members of their laboratory teams. They have the freedom to design their own experiments, and their work is provides a real contribution to the knowledge of liver diseases. Their work through our After-School Program exposes them to a world of science well beyond what they would experience in their standard high school curriculum, and their accomplishments are opening up opportunities for college and beyond.

We have found that the internship is most meaningful for students who are able to be in the lab to monitor their experiments on their own. For that reason, we ask for a commitment of 6 hours/week (3 afternoons after school), for a minimum of a 12 weeks, from students interested in the program.  

This is a competitive program with limited spaces available. Interested students should contact Montana McAlorum, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, at