Six Week Intensive Research Summer High School Program

A 6-week summer course for high school students

The Baruch S. Blumberg Institute offers a six-week summer program aimed to inspire  high school students to expand their horizons by studying science in our world-class hepatitis B research facility. This rigorous High School Science Research Program is open to talented high school students, age 16-19, interested in learning about research, biotechnology, and public health in the context of hepatitis B and liver cancer. Students in the program will receive an intensive training and gain hands-on experience in state of the art research labs under the guidance of professors and senior scientists. In addition to lab research, students will learn about public health issues, enjoy guest lectures and attend professional seminars. The program is open to students from the U.S. as well as international students.

During their time in the program, students will:

  • Learn the critical elements of scientific design and scientific inquiry
  • Read, understand, and present scientific publications
  • Learn, and practice, the requirements of a laboratory notebook
  • Study the background and pathology of hepatitis B virus and liver cancer
  • Develop and practice foundational lab skills
  • Improve English communication skills (for international students)
  • Reflect and relate what is learned in the lab to their lives and futures

This is a full time, six week summer program that takes place at the Blumberg Institute in Doylestown, PA. Students should be available for the full six weeks, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

For inquiries about tuition and lab fees, or for more information and an application to the program, contact: John Kulp, PhD, Director of Academic Affairs at